First Post… What this is all about

Hi everybody. My name is Jack Snell. Im 17 years old, Im in Grade 12 and I am absolutely obsessed with cars. Its kind of funny, that previous sentence is pretty much  how I introduce myself to basically everybody. It accurately describes who I am. Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with anything motorized. It started with trucks. My dad used to take me to truck dealerships, no not like a RAM dealer, think more likeKen-Worth or Peter-built. I can remember trying to memorize what make and model of truck it was by the grill and headlights. When I turned 6, my dad rented us a Hummer (my favourite car at the time… Leave me alone I was 6) and we went to go see Pixar Cars in theatre. This is what really started my obsession with cars. I started reading about cars, looking at cars on the street and watching car shows to try and memorize all makes and models. Over the last 11 years my passion has kind of spiralled out of control but meh, it makes me happy. Nowadays I indulge my obsession by watching all sorts of automotive You-tuber’s, specifically Matt Farah of the Smoking Tire and TJ Hunt. I also listen to automotive podcasts and read car magazines religiously. My dream job is to be a real automotive journalist but to get there I need to develop my own set of values and beliefs towards cars. Like any other young automotive enthusiast, I have began to develop my own ideas and opinions about specific cars and the automotive industry as a whole based largely on the opinions of real auto-journo’s. This poses an issue… One of the largest pet peeves of auto journalists on the internet are people like me, people that have no actual experience driving or even being around the cars in question but feel like their opinion is the be all and end all. Although I don’t consider myself a typical 17 year old Youtube commenter, I know my place and I know that most of my beliefs and opinions don’t hold any substantial value. That is why I have created this Blog. If you are looking for a professional opinion on the latest and greatest cars, this is not the place to be. On the other hand, if you want to hear a knowledgable but inexperienced kid rant and express his opinion on cars, you’re in the right place. And   eh, maybe someday I might be able to get my hands on real cars so that I can give a proper educated opinion.


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